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Way of Shopping For Groceries

Welcome to Julyu

We’re a nationwide community of problem solvers from all walks of life: Some of us shop for ourselves and some of us shop for gaggles of kids. Some of us shop on Saturdays and some of us shop every day. Some of us buy steak while others live on ramen. But there’s one thing we all have it common: paying the grocery bill.

Our team has worked tirelessly to create a solution to help solve problems within the industry.

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Future of Grocery Shopping
A Simple Process
App Made For the User

As a recent college graduate mucking around the hallows of corporate America, there is only one thing that has made a major impact on my life. Its not my diploma. Its not my job offer. It’s my ability to save on groceries, with Julyu.



I went to the grocery store one day, I wondered to myself how can I improve this process. What is the next evolution to grocery shopping. With Julyu we are going to change how a user shops for their groceries.

Alain Beltran

Founder - CEO

Julyu is the most incredible app I have ever come across!! Unbelievable job - keep up the great work.

Carrie Walker

Florida - Tester